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Our Story

That’s where it all started…

Dr.Meyer’s inspiration for natural skin care started in this small village named Altkirch in Alsace FR

PANIM PARIS is the creation of renowned physician Dr. Raoul Meyer

He was inspired in particular by the healing benefits of natural ingredients. Our award-winning formulas, are recognized as clean skincare that swiftly became a pioneering approach. The same ethos prevails, accompanied by a complete range of skincare solutions that blend the latest technological advancements with a deep respect for the world around them.

Hailing from a long tradition of healers who valued the wisdom of nature

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, sun, earth and atmosphere. Founded in 1982 in Lyon, France, on his belief that his patients should also be entitled to effective natural treatments utilizing high concentration vitamin extract oils. Almost 40 years since the first blends were produced our proprietary formulas have provided proven results for decades.

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